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Favorite Lunch in Sugarhouse:

While I'll admit I haven't tried everything on their menu and a few things might not be 5 star quality, there are a few items you'll find here that are absolutely amazing.

A few of my favorite dishes:

  • The Pho - (I like it with the rare)

  • Korean BBQ Kimchi bánh mì sandwich (pictured below)

vietnamese food, bahn mi, pho,

The Korean BBQ bánh mì is arguably not traditional Vietnamese as it combines the French baguette with traditional Vietnamese food. Still, one might define the traditional Bánh mì as a lightly buttered crispy baguette filled with a grisly (but tasty!) cut of meat, sliced carrots, cucumbers, green or white onions, hot peppers, and fresh herbs. This is definitely a go-to spot if you're in the Sugar House area.

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