2017 Salt Lake City- Top 5 Places To Eat With A View

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Salt Lake City is known for a few things. First, they're known to be a liberal bubble in an extremely conservative state, coming in as one of the most 'LGBTQ-friendly' states in the USA. They're up-and-coming in the tech industry, adopting 'the silicon slopes' as it's nickname, as companies such as Amazon, Domo, Instructure, Qualtrics, and many more choose to be headquartered here. And last but not least, they're known to have the best snow on Earth.

Not to mention, SLC has some really amazing places to eat if you know where to go. And personally, I like to eat my good food with a view.

Here's a list of the best places to eat in Salt Lake City with a gorgeous view; because if you enjoy food and mountain views, why not do both?

1. The Aerie

Located on the top floor of the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird, the view doesn't get any better than this. If you're here in the summer-time, start your adventure with a bike-ride down the iconic mountain biking trails. Or, if you're here in the winter, take a stop by The Aerie after skiing some fresh-pow! Top off the night with a night-time soak at the cliff spa. This restaurant is definitely for those who love fine dining and exquisite cuisine. My personal favorite dish is the elk meatloaf. If you're looking for something lighter, however, the kale and quinoa salad is superb. Here's a link to their menu to get you started.

​2. Silver Fork Lodge

Another iconic spot in the thick of the mountains is Silver Fork Lodge, located up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It looks like a small cabin when looking at it from the road, but it surprisingly opens up to a beautiful, cabin-feeling restaurant with fire-places, warm decor, and a beautiful view of the mountains. But the view isn't the only reason you should come here- the food is amazing, too! Although their dinner is great, my personal favorite is actually their breakfast. Here they have a full coffee menu so you can satisfy your cappuccino cravings, and for food I would recommend their silver-fork sourdough cakes which have been served for over 50 years.

3. Cucina

While the view at Cucina isn't quite as elaborate as being deep in the mountains, Cucina offers a different view of the avenues hills as this cute bistro is perched up on 2nd ave. Cucina is one of the first restaurants I went to when I first moved up to Salt Lake City, and it continues to be on my top 5 list of favorite spots to eat at. The food is amazing, it's never crowded here, and they offer unique menu items that you won't find anywhere else. Pro Tip: If you get here around 3 pm, they usually give out their morning pastries for free! It's extremely hard for me to narrow down my favorite dishes at Cucina's, but if I had to pick I would go with their 1/2 lbs bison burger. If you're looking for something quick (and amazing) from their deli selection, go for their coconut-encrusted salmon with a side of asparagus. The salmon is coconut encrusted with an orange glaze - delicious!

4. Log Haven

Millcreek canyon is one of my favorite canyons in the Salt Lake area. It's easily accessible, right off of 3800 south, and best of all, it's dog friendly. Log Haven is a quaint, adorable cabin set in the thick of the trees up Millcreek canyon. Although it is indeed 'quaint', it's also extremely refined and is more expensive than you might expect. 'Fine canyon dining' is the perfect description for this restaurant. This restaurant is nestled in the thick of the trees, surrounded by flowers and waterfalls in the springtime, and deep snow in the winter. Whatever season you're here for, it is sure to feel magical. Take a video tour of this top rated restaurant, here.

5. Green Pig

I'll start by clarifying that this particular joint is a bar, not a restaurant. However, they do have amazing food for being a bar, and one of the best views in downtown Salt Lake City. The Green Pig is set on 400 s and main street, so it's in the perfect location to start your bar-hopping excursions on Friday or Saturday nights. This is one of the few bar/patios that is set on the second floor of a building, giving you a great view of the city lights. If you're looking for some classic bar food, you can't go wrong with the quesadilla or chile verde nachos. However, my personal favorite is the diablo burger (but be careful, it's spicy!). Check out their full menu, here.

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